Africa’s anachronistic nation-states.

Africans are being deluded to believe that their continent can develop while divided and on lifesupport. What a fallacy. The tragedy of this fallacy is that it is being peddled by their intellectuals and scientists. Those who should be dismantling the borders -vestiges of the imperialist division of the African continent. While their Western, Chinese, and Japanese colleagues are busy researching and developing the miniaturized model of the latest gadget, they are scheming for bribes, kickbacks and some more, and more of the redundant foreign aid that enriches the shareholders Western corporations.

There is only one way to develop the continent: abolish the suffocating borders, allow the free flow of information, communication, fiber optic lines, goods, service and people. Create the single African currency-The Afro- and link it to gold, to fund the transcontinental railroad, the highway, the machine-tool industry, the plane and ship building industry and research laboratories that will make Africant he superpower of the twenty-second century.